Body Parts, Corpses, Skeletons

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Severed Tongue
Severed Tongue $19 each Severed Tongue
Severed Hands
Severed Hands $45 Each
Severed Ogre Hand
Severed Ogre Hand $75 each
Severed Zombie Arm
Severed Zombie Arm $45 Each
Human Thigh Bone
Human Thigh Bone $45 Each
Enlarged Human Heart
Enlarged Human Heart $45 Each
Skeleton Head and Shoulders
Skeleton Head and Shoulders $89 Each
Fresh Male Hanging Torso
Fresh Male Hanging Torso $250
Female Torso
Female Torso special $139.00
Burn Skeleton
Burn Skeleton $449
Dried Skeleton
Dried Skeleton $449 Each
Decaying Skeleton Torso
Decaying Skeleton Torso $449
Decaying Male Torso
Decaying Male Torso special $139.00
Male Mummy
Male Mummy $450 Each

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  • Alex: 818-943-5263
  • Burbank, California

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