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5 Assorted tombstones with custom inscriptions.  $300 plus shipping  (you provide inscriptions we will custom engrave into the foam.)  Tomb stones are made of high density styrofoam.

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Deluxe Costumes

Reptile Mask

$35 each or 10 masks for $250

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Brick Wall


Brick wall costume is made from polyurethane sheet foam. Custom made polyurethane bricks. Entire costume is covered in 100% 4oz. trico spandex and sealed with slip cast latex. Costume can be custom made to fit any opening or covered in simulated rocks or wood for different textures for an additional charge.

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Root Creature


Latex and polyfoam mask earth tone spandex unitard with latex appliques of vines and bark with built in spats for feet
Custom made root shoes are $250 per pair
Click details to see video of it in action:

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Contact Info

  • Cursed Castle
  • Mike: 818-943-5264
  • Alex: 818-943-5263
  • Burbank, California

Alex in Wonderland

Popup Widget

This is the Popup Widget. Add any widget to the popup widget position, and place anywhere Gantry Popup widget to trigger the RokBox.

You can configure its height and width from the widget settings.

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